The Little Glass Slipper

Like a flower we are cut from our life source and born into a struggle to open, grow, and finally bloom. Our floral design is clean and structured but respects natures design and aesthetic.
— The Little Glass Slipper

The Idea

To provide brides with the highest quality flowers, and design. Creating accessible design for brides using a high quality seasonal fresh product. To send flowers that are well designed in an organic and loose aesthetic for delivery. To provide that beautiful product using local and seasonal flowers.  To surprise our clients with whimsy, herbs, fruits and berries. 

Style & Quality

The style is loose and organic but modern and clean.  There is a control to the quality of Cary's work that creates a sophisticated end product. She uses high quality natural rustic elements to highlight the beauty of the flowers used. She also has vintage and or antique items for rent reminiscent of her childhood. She grew up in a home full of antiques with a mother who loved party design. These two influences have informed her and shaped her aesthetic. 

100% Homegrown and Handmade

The philosophy is simple; work with local and seasonal flowers whenever possible. Cary Pereyra-Imbert works with the most beautiful local flowers and foliage that she can find sourcing from local farms in New York State. She pours her heart and soul into her work and prefers to work with a more natural green palette that is leafy, wild and organic. This life path has been informed by her own spirituality and beliefs in authenticity and living a purposeful life.